Social Media's Productivity Payoff

By Harvard Business Review
How's this for counter-intuitive? Social technologies — the software and services that make it possible to show off your vacation pictures to all your Facebook friends and follow your favorite team tweet by tweet — are not just giant time sinks that keep your employees from getting their work done. On the contrary, they may become the most powerful tools yet developed to raise the productivity of high-skill knowledge workers ...


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3 Reasons to Grow the Talent You Have Into the Leaders You Need

By TNLT the Business of HR

Almost three years ago, Neil Nicoll, President and CEO of YMCA said in Finding Leaders for America’s Nonprofits: Commentaries, “Until [we] become much more intentional about development of internal talent, we are doomed to an ever-growing leadership deficit.”

And yet, while many organizations are recruiting leaders from competitors (with cost per hire only rising), few are doing much to develop the talent they have into the leaders they need.

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You Can Prevent Layoffs

By Harvard Business Review:

When you strip away the fancy jargon, a successful business fundamentally makes more money than it spends. While managers can pull any number of levers to accomplish this, the one they most often choose reads: "Reduce Costs!" And perhaps the most common way they cut costs is to eliminate jobs ...

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Improving CEO and Firm Performance through Priorities and Time Management

Source: NECG

CEO Time Allocation as a gateway to improve Company Performance


Many CEOs ask and look for the “perfect or ideal” job description for them. True, this is important, but more important is how they actually spend their time. How CEOs spend their time is crucial for a firm’s success; however, unlike most managers who are expected to justify their schedules to their superiors, CEOs do not; yet, strict discipline and control of this “scarce resource” has been rarely seen despite it being a key factor behind the success of many top-performing CEOs. In fact, a comprehensive CEO study involving over 700 Chief Execs suggests that “the clearest differentiation between exceptional CEOs and regular CEOs is how they use their superior time allocation skills as a significant competitive weapon”[1].

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