Let Your Workers Rebel

By Harvard Business Review


Employee engagement is a problem. To fix it, encourage your workers to break rules and be themselves. We’ll show you who does it right and how you can too.

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Sparking creativity in teams: An executive’s guide

By Mckinsey&Company


Senior managers can apply practical insights from neuroscience to make themselves—and their teams—more creative.


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By Near East Consulting Group

Assessment & Development Center


As a reminder, Assessment & Development Center is a multi-dimensional methodology that proved to be highly effective for Selecting the right people or Promoting the best qualified and Developing high potentials.

It consists of multiple assessments of multiple competencies by multiple assessors, enabling the Employer to identify Star Performers and Real Talents to hire or to grow.

Since launching its Assessment & Development Center in Lebanon, NECG assisted several large local and multinational organizations from different sectors in selecting, promoting and developing its key employees.  Typically, these organizations have used our Center services when faced with the following situations:

·      No consensus: Candidate A and Candidate B are both good with great credentials, whom to hire?

·      The Employer wants an external, objective and non-biased opinion of assessors about an internal or external candidate; making sure of what the candidate can really do instead of what he/she says can do

·      The Employer wants to know whether the Candidate can handle pressure and how s/he works with others

·      Is the employee ready for his/her next promotion? Or new role and function?

·      The Employer is facing wrong hire situations resulting in high costly turnover

·      The Employer wants to differentiate the organization from competition and build the brand.
Even rejected candidates appreciate the process, learn more about themselves and about the role and the employing organization itself.


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What can we expect in China in 2017?

By Mckinsey&Company


Provided geopolitical movement doesn’t derail his best laid predictions, Gordon Orr sees a year of slowing economic growth, headaches for multinationals, demographic anxiety, and buyer’s remorse for soccer tycoons.


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How I Led Change in the U.S. State Department Bureaucracy

By Harvard Business Review

Leading change in any large organization is hard, and the U.S. Department of State is a seriously big bureaucracy. Until early November, I helped lead a relatively small (400-person) bureau within it. My experience as a digital leader in the Obama administration confirmed my optimism that change can come to large bureaucracies.


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The End of Globalization? How Executives Should Respond

By Insead Knowledge


If globalization is to be preserved, business may be required to give up some economic freedom.


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