Will Drafting & Succession Planning for a Family Business

August 20, 2014

NECG helped the owner and chairman of a large family business specializing in retail, in drafting his succession will concerning ownership, management, treatment of family members and governance of the Group / companies. All were embedded in a Foundation (in Vaduz), that Mr. Roger Dib NECG’s founder and Director, assisted by the family lawyers, created to govern and implement the will of the owner. Mr. Dib is currently a member of the protectors’ board that governs the foundation after the...

Conflict resolution and Insertion of Second generation Engagement for a Family Business

June 19, 2014

For a large family owned business, NECG helped the 4 brothers resolve conflicts among each others in the best interest of the company. The father / founder had withdrawn from operations and 2 brothers were involved in the family business, while the two other were not; moreover, 3 siblings were attempting to force out the brother in charge. NECG helped the four children define and accept their relevant roles in the management of their company and helped them redeploy completely in line with...

Family Business Advisory Engagement

May 21, 2014

NECG helped a large family owned business specializing in the distribution of FMCG, in (1) Resolving conflicts between the two managing brothers and redefining a healthy working relationship, (2) Preparing succession and defining roles and responsibilities of involved cousins from the third generations, (3) Preparing for the eventual partial sell-out of the Group’s equity, and (4) Addressing several management and organization issues such as restructuring the back-office and improving the...

Succession Planning, Reorganization & Governance Engagement for a Family Business

For the largest poultry producer in Lebanon, specializing in farming, slaughtering of poultry and in egg production, NECG worked with the family owners in planning the organization of the succession of the principal owner and CEO to his brother. We also worked with them to re-organize the top management structure and to initiate sound governance mechanisms.


Family Constitution Elaboration Engagement for a Family Business in Lebanon and the MENA region

May 2, 2014

For a large family business now in the 2nd and 3rd generation of owners, NECG worked with the majority shareholder, chairman and CEO in preparing the Family Constitution. The Constitution covers 1) Mission, vision and values of the family, 2) Ownership principles: Shareholders’ rights and responsibilities, Equity distribution and voting rights, Transfer of shares and liquidity needs, Return on investments and dividends distribution, 3) Family Governance: Role of the family members,...